Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Bakersfield 

Dentists approach your oral health comprehensively, which means they look at the big picture while planning your dental treatments. When you have several dental conditions that need to be addressed, a dentist may recommend a full mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Roger V. Pham and his dedicated team treat multiple dental issues with full-mouth reconstruction, a thorough way to restore health, function, and beauty to your smile. Auburn Dental Center transforms the smiles of patients living in Bakersfield, College Heights, and Hillcrest.

Full Mouth Reconstruction is a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Full-mouth reconstruction prioritizes treatments to address all aspects of your oral health. It can enhance the appearance of teeth, treat damaged or missing teeth, or relieve pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder. It can be a lifechanging experience for people who have been living with serious and complex dental issues.

The art, science, and technology of modern dentistry are harmoniously employed to systematically repair damage and improve your smile. With a coordinated treatment plan, your smile will look more youthful, function more comfortably, and radiate health and beauty. With newfound confidence and self-esteem, you may even see a change in your relationships and career.

Coordinated Procedures Guarantee Optimal Results

Full-mouth reconstruction provides the oversight that prevents mismatched and compromised dental treatments. It may include:

Dr. Roger V. Pham Changes Lives with Full-Mouth Reconstruction

When you have multiple dental conditions that need treatment, contact Dr. Roger V. Pham at Auburn Dental Center. He and his compassionate team can give you a smile you only dreamed was possible. Dr. Pham treats people in Bakersfield, College Heights, and Hillcrest.

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