6 Easy Tips for Optimal At-home Oral Healthcare

Posted by Auburn Dental Center on Jun 13 2019, 02:34 AM

6 Easy Tips for Optimal At-home Oral Healthcare

Any dentist will tell you how important at-home oral care is for your dental health, yet many of us fail to do more than the standard brushing twice a day (and sometimes less than that). We find ourselves busy or distracted, or simply bored by the monotony of the daily routine.

What most don’t realize is that good oral care doesn’t have to be hard. Even picking up one or two good habits can make a dramatic difference in your dental health. Here are six at-home oral healthcare tips you can start using right away.

1. Floss Every Day

This is probably the tip we hear most often, but few of us ever practice. Going between each tooth can seem tedious and time-consuming. What we fail to realize is that even tiny food particles create a breeding ground for bacteria, and make cavities far more likely to develop.

If you find yourself pressed for time in the mornings, save your flossing until the evening. You’ll get the same results, and won’t have to worry about plaque forming while you sleep. Since flossing is low-maintenance, it’s also easy to multitask things like listening to music or your favorite podcast.

2. Rinse Your Mouth After You Eat or Drink

While a healthy diet is always the best choice, even food that’s good for you may not always be good for your teeth. Foods that are sugary or acidic won’t do your enamel any favors, especially with prolonged exposure.

Fortunately, doing a simple swish-and-spit with water after you eat or drink can make a big difference. This dislodges stuck food and rinses away at least some of the sugars and acids. Your mouth will be healthier, and it only takes seconds to do.

3. Use Tools, Not Your Teeth

It can be tempting to use your teeth for all kinds of things from cutting thread to tearing duct tape, and who doesn’t enjoy crunching on an ice cube? But if you love your teeth, avoid these temptations at all costs. Using your teeth to cut or tear puts unnatural pressure on them, and ice cubes can actually fracture your teeth. A little inconvenience now is preferable to expensive dental work afterward.

4. Don’t Brush Too Hard

Brushing your teeth is very different from scrubbing your sink; harder scrubbing here won’t get you better results, and could actually make things worse.

Tooth enamel is actually somewhat porous, and hard scrubbing can gradually wear away the enamel layers. Gentle brushing is more than enough to get the plaque off your teeth, and you’ll keep your enamel strong and healthy.

5. Replace Your Toothbrush

Most people hang onto their toothbrush far longer than they should. Overused brushes can harbor bacteria, and bristles that have bent or frayed from use are less effective at cleaning your teeth. To keep your teeth clean and bacteria free, get a new brush every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles are worn.

6. Brush Your Tongue

Your teeth aren’t the only surface in your mouth, yet we often ignore the soft tissue completely. Giving your tongue a quick brushing will remove bacteria and could help your breath stay fresh longer. It takes only a few seconds to do, and a cleaner mouth will feel much more refreshing and invigorating.

These simple tips can help you keep your teeth clean between your six-month checkups. For everything else, come see us at Auburn Family Dental in Bakersfield today.

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