Are you a victim of migraine headaches, due to which you find it very difficult to go about your daily routine? Millions of Americans suffer from persistent headaches and migraines and seek medical treatment every year. In most cases, the prominent cause of migraine is teeth grinding and clenching the jaws. At Auburn Dental, we use a highly advanced dental appliance called the NTI-TSS to provide relief from migraine, jaw clenching, and TMJ disorder.

How does the NTI-TSS device work?

The device works on the principle of relaxing the muscles associated during jaw clenching or teeth grinding. The oral appliance is worn over the frontal teeth at night to prevent contact between the molars and canines of either jaw. It is custom-fabricated according to the needs of the patient and is fitted in place by a trained dentist.

The device triggers a nerve reflex that relaxes the muscles around the TMJ, and keeps the molars from coming in contact. Patients with a severe condition of TMJ disorder can benefit from it, as the device helps to release the stress developed in the facial muscles and joints and also prevents the subconscious clenching of the jaw.

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